Memberships start at only $35! Membership Drive is our ONLY parent fundraiser.

We call it "one and done"!

No magazines, solicitation, just all you $$ to our students, teachers and parents!

Here at the MINT PTSA during our membership drive we also run our One & Done Fundraiser. There’s no walk-a-thon or wrapping paper sales later in the year. This is it. Your membership funds help us provide teacher grants, social emotional learning presentations, subsidies to Camp Kern, International Day, & 8th grade celebration, plus much more.

If you join the MINT PTSA by 9/30 you will be entered into a raffle for 4 Bengals vs Browns tickets on 11/7.

MINT PTSA membership is $35 and gives you 1 entry to the Bengals ticket raffle.

Bronze membership is $50 and gives you 2 entries to the Bengals ticket raffle.

Silver membership is $75 and gives you 3 entries to the Bengals ticket raffle.

Gold membership is $100 and gives you 4 entries to the Bengals ticket raffle.

How your money makes a difference!

We are all Loveland. We can do more with more, so we thank you for your time and/or financial support!

Parent goals:

  • Strong education

  • Safe schools

  • Growth

  • Wellness

  • Joy

  • Engagement

  • Social responsibility

  • Predictability

Loveland M/INT goals:

  • Promote the parent agenda

  • Update parents of upcoming issues, decisions and events

  • Supplement the school funding to further enrich our students

  • Support our teachers

  • Maintain strong connection between school, home and the community

  • Endorse the Loveland needs to the Ohio PTA

Your PTSA is your way to do that at LIS and LMS. We are your voice and your vehicle to make a difference!

What's in it for me?

  • Monthly parent newsletters on relevant topics to your kids

  • Access to M/INT events

  • Access to the board, who in turns has regular access to school administration

  • Your membership, support and donations enriching our students

  • Maybe even more important - what is in it for your kid(s)?